I was tasked with creating a limited edition guernsey that paid tribute to Australia's servicemen and women. This project aimed to honor their sacrifices while raising awareness and funds for the charity partner, Legacy.
The project involved a comprehensive design process, beginning with extensive research into military insignias, ANZAC history, and symbolic elements such as the Southern Cross and poppies. The goal was to create a guernsey that reflected the solemnity and respect of ANZAC Day. The design process included multiple concept developments and client consultations to ensure the final product resonated with both the commemorative spirit and the Club's identity.
These were worn by the team during the ANZAC Day match, serving as a powerful visual tribute on the field. The guernsey featured the poppy flower pattern, along with subtle references to the military and the Legacy logo, highlighting the partnership with the charity.
The limited edition guernseys were available for auction post-game, with proceeds benefiting Legacy, which supports veterans' families. This not only raised significant funds but also increased awareness of Legacy's important work.

Project while in-house: Brisbane Lions


Foot Locker Social Tiles
In the hugely-cluttered social media space, I welcome the challenge of creating visually-arresting, thumbstopping content for brands. Below is a snapshot of work created for global giant Foot Locker across a two-year engagement.
Foot Locker - Asics Shori Window Campaign
Foot Locker is famous for its exclusive and limited release heat products. On behalf of Foot Locker and in collaboration with Asics, I was tasked with creating the visual identity for the exclusive 'Shori Pack'.
The Little Red Company - TILLS Prospectus
The Little Red Company required a clean and considered sales deck to aid proactive business development outreach for their corporate offering, The IsoLate Late Show. The 12-page interactive document included embedded video links to bring the popular variety show from page to virtual-stage.
Tough Mudder - Australia's Filthiest Calendar
I was commissioned by Aruga and Tough Mudder to design “Australia’s Filthiest Calendar”; a limited edition, full-colour calendar celebrating 15 real-life participants of the world-famous mud run.
Foot Locker QV
Foot Locker's first Australian Power Store was modelled on the successful large-scale retail concept rolled out by the global athletic company across Europe, the US and Asia.
The Little Red Company - There's Something About Music
There's Something About Music is the highly-anticipated new production from award-winning production house The Little Red Company. Tasked with creating the visual identity for the show, I lovingly tipped my hat to a modern classic to create a clean and personality-packed launch campaign. The brand identity rolled out to online platforms & venue signage at Brisbane Powerhouse.
There’s Something About Music - Content Series
The Little Red Company's 'There's Something About Music'celebrates all things 90's RomComs.
City Beach - eDMs
The Little Red Company - Christmas Actually
Foot Locker - Holiday Heat
As the creative director for Foot Locker’s Holiday Heat campaign, I was responsible for conceptualising, delivering and managing the holiday campaign for the global giant.
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